Five Trends For Men’s Wedding Rings

Men’s wedding rings have come a long, long way since the basic gold band. If you’re looking for stylish, fashionable wedding rings for men, consider these top wedding band trends:

Titanium Rings For Men

Titanium continues to be a popular choice for men’s wedding rings. Titanium rings are both highly durable and very lightweight. They resist scratching, corrosion and wear to ensure a wedding band that lasts.

Tungsten Rings For Men

Tungsten is known for having the highest melting point of any type of metal. It is used in a variety of electrical and industrial applications; however, it’s become a trending and popular metal choice for men’s rings in recent years. Its inviting silver tone is masculine and appealing in wedding rings for men.

Diamond Men’s Rings

Diamond wedding rings used to be “just for her,” but they have surged in popularity for guys as well. From a subtle, sophisticated sparkle around the band to set diamonds that become the focal point, diamonds can set his wedding ring apart and make it something truly special. Since diamonds come in a range of color choices besides white, the look of diamond men’s wedding rings can be personalized to suit his style and taste.

Platinum Men’s Wedding Rings

Platinum is a strong metal that is highly resistant to tarnish, corrosion and wear. It can also be polished to a lustrous finish that makes it a highly desirable choice in men’s wedding rings. Matte silver finishes are also trending in platinum wedding rings for men; however care must be taken to ensure matte surfaces are not scratched.

Carved Men’s Wedding Bands

Carvings and engravings in the surface of men’s rings are also hot right now. These touches can be subtle or highly linear and eye-catching. Carved artistic touches can also complement diamond settings in the ring.

Styles and options in men’s wedding rings are more diverse than ever before. Tungsten rings, titanium rings, platinum and diamonds open up a world of possibilities. Consider these appealing trends in men’s wedding rings when shopping for that special day.

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