How To Choose a Diamond Ring: Four C’s, Brilliance, Diamond Characteristics

How do I choose a diamond ring? How do I pick an engagement ring?

How do I pick the perfect diamond?

Diamond’s Look: A Diamond’s Cut | A Diamond’s Color | A Diamond’s Clarity

Diamond Size & Shape: A Diamond’s Carat Weight | Find the Best Diamond Shape

The Diamond Showcase takes pride in educating our customers so that can make informed buying decisions and be confident that their jewelry purchase will inspire them to work with us in the future.

Our family-owned jewelry store in Longview, Washington has been connecting life-changing jewelry with customers for three generations. Whether you are shopping for your own diamond ring or shopping for a loved one, you will care about the quality and value. We have tips and information about diamonds to share with you so that you can understand the Four C’s: cut, color, and carat weight.

Our customers are always asking us about the Four C’s and what about them makes a brilliant diamond that will retain its value. We also understand that in today’s diamond shopping environment you have many choices – everything from the corporate big-box jewelry store to online retailers to locally owned jewelry stores like the Diamond Showcase in Longview.

Let’s begin to take a look at the characteristics of diamonds.

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