Find the Best Diamond Shape

what shapes of diamonds exist for a diamond ring?

Find the Best Diamond Shape

Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes.  Trends come and go, shapes change with the times, but the most important thing to consider is what do you enjoy and what is most pleasing to your eye.

Round Shape Diamonds are classic – they have been popular for over one hundred years and they represent a diamond that has the precise mathematical calculations to produce brilliance and fire in a diamond. Round diamonds are great shapes if you want a sparkling diamond and are interested in shopping for a balance between color, cut and clarity.

Cushion Shape Diamonds are a popular diamond shape selection and have been for many years. They are sometimes referred to as Pillow-cut diamonds as they have rounded corners and a larger facet that increases the light flow through the diamond. They have a great sparkle and brilliance to them. When choosing a Cushion shape diamond pay close attention to the Clarity of the diamond as these diamonds have a large facet that allows the clarity to be seen more easily. An SI clarity grade is a good starting point.

Princess Shape Diamonds are very popular and they are a very good shape for an engagement ring.  Princess diamonds are square and have pointed corners; they look great when you have a strong length to width ratio.  Square princess shape and rectangle shape diamonds can vary in how they look – consider the shape before you buy.

Oval Shape Diamonds are beautiful and brilliant diamonds that share similar qualities as a round diamond.  These diamonds are popular if you want to accentuate slender and longer fingers.  The optimal lengths to width ratios are 1.4 to 1.6.

Pear Shape Diamonds, which are also called teardrop diamonds, have a single point and a rounded end. They are a unique looking diamond and the pear shape makes the fingers look longer.

Marquise Shape Diamonds are typically a great way to find a larger looking diamond and maximize carat weight. Brilliant Cut Marquise diamonds look wonderful next to pear shaped side stones.  When shopping for marquise shape diamonds, look for length to width ratios of 1.75 to 2.25 as these will give you the best-looking diamond relative to size.

Emerald Shape Diamonds are defined by the shape of the Pavilion on the diamond.  Rectangular facets create a very exciting optical appearance and due to the larger open face of the table the shape highlights the diamond’s clarity.  Diamonds with a S1 or S2 cut grade can exhibit some different proportions and it’s important to review the clarity plot on the grading report.

Asscher Shape Diamonds are very closely cut to emerald diamonds and have a square look to them.  They are beautiful and tend to exhibit emerald facets that highlight the diamond’s beauty.

Radiant Shape Diamonds contain trimmed corners and are the defining quality of this diamond shape.  Due to the shape and ability to match well with cut quality, this diamond shape is popular with jewelers whom want to set the diamond with baguette side stones or round side stones.

Heart Shape Diamonds are a unique look that helps make the diamond a great choice to show your love. Consider the color rating of a heart shaped diamond, as the color may be slightly visible when it’s put into a ring setting. Heart Shaped diamonds should have an optimal length to weight ratio for them to sparkle correctly.


Choose the diamond that speaks to you – generally speaking most diamond ring settings will be made to allow for 3-4 types of diamond shapes, the most popular at the time.  If you seek a heart or pear shaped diamond, you have have to choose a different type of setting.

Diamond Showcase can custom make any type of setting for your diamond, come into our jewelry store in Longview, Washington and we will work with you to find the perfect diamond and setting.

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