Grading a Diamond’s Clarity

Diamond Clarity - what are inclusions and how they they affect the look of a diamond?

Grading a Diamond’s Clarity – Find the best diamond clarity grade

Clarity is a diamonds’ third characteristic to consider when buying a diamond.  Clarity simply refers to the level of imperfections that a diamond has.  Some imperfections run vertical while others will run horizontal. Some clarity issues refer to a spec while others can refer to more an internal crack in the diamond.  Aside from the size of the imperfections, the location of those diamond imperfections also matters.  If they are low in the diamond or close to a cut point, they may not be easily seen by the naked eye.  Not all imprecation grading levels are easily comparable.  It is common to find less expensive diamonds with larger imperfections hidden in the diamonds base.

When you are shopping for the perfect diamond with a strong Clarity grade consider VVSI- SI1 – these are considered Eye-Clean Diamonds – meaning that there are no visible inclusions to the eye.

Diamond Clarity grading is done with consideration of where inclusions are located and if they are visible to the naked eye.

FL & IF – Flawless & Internally Flawless Diamonds contain no visible blemishes and under a 10X magnification are flawless. These diamonds make up <1% to 3% of all diamonds.

VVS1 & VVS2 – Very, Very Slightly Included Diamonds have inclusions that are difficult to see under 10X magnification that are extremely difficult to see. VVS1 represents inclusions that are in the bottom half of the diamond, called the pavilion.  VVS2 represents inclusions that are located in the top half of the diamond, called the crown.

VS1 & VS2 – Very Slight Included Diamonds have slight or minor inclusions visible to a 10X magnification. These 2 grades are high-end middle grades and a VS1 has slightly less inclusions that a VS2.

SI1 & SI2 – Slightly Included Diamonds contain inclusions that are noted and more visible to the naked eye.  SI1 refers to inclusions that are possibly invisible to the naked eye. SI2 refers to inclusions that are often visible to the naked eye.  Essentially, an SI1 diamond is a high quality diamond that may have imperfections if you really give it a close look.

I1& I2 I3 – Included Diamonds – these are diamonds that have an obvious amount of inclusions. They are typically sold be lower price point diamond stores and online retailers for a steep discount.



Eye-Clean diamonds are what you are looking for if you want a quality diamond for a good value.  These diamonds have not visible imperfections and tend to be exponentially less expensive that Flawless and Internally Flawless diamonds.

We look at diamonds before we purchase them to ensure that they contain the best placement for imperfections, when present, so that you receive a good value while receiving a higher quality graded diamond.

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