Grading a Diamond’s Color

Diamond color and picking a good diamond ring

Grading a Diamond’s Color – find the best diamond color grade

Color is the second most important characteristic for a diamond due to the fact that the human eye will first notice the sparkle and then tune into the color of the diamond.  The color is important but it’s also important to know that when you are looking for a diamond with a great look but one that won’t be too expensive, there is a level at which the color differences fade to the naked eye.

Diamonds that grade with a color between G and H are considered near-colorless – meaning that the naked eye will not see color differences between these color grades.  When you’re looking for a great looking diamond that sparkles and is near-colorless, these are the grade levels to seek out.

Most diamonds exhibit some color tone, however, when you move into the Colorless grades of D-F, you begin to see a difference.

The diamond color grading scale ranges from D to Z.  There are also subsets of each grade that allow you find a great value.

D Color Grade Diamonds are Absolutely Colorless and they are extremely rate.

E-F Color Grade Diamonds are Colorless and there are small traces of color that can only be detected by an expert, these are great diamonds to consider.

G-H Color Grade Diamonds are Near Colorless diamonds that contain color that is difficult to detect unless you are comparing higher quality diamonds with good lighting conditions.  These are a great value.

I-J Color Grade Diamonds are Near Colorless and they contain a slight amount of color that comes across as a warm tone or slight yellow look.

K-Z Color Grade Diamonds have a Noticeable Color; they are typically sold by online retailers or lower price point jewelry stores.


When you are shopping for a higher quality diamond, consider the setting and the fact that the setting’s metal color will affect how the diamond looks.

A higher quality Color grade looks better in a platinum setting or a white gold setting.  While a lower color grade may look better in a yellow gold setting.

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