Popular Jewelry Trends in 2017


Although wedding jewelry remains more quintessentially classic, than fashion jewelry, it nonetheless follows seasonal trends. This year, for instance, is seeing more instances of a round center diamond surrounded by smaller halo stones  — although this design has been around long enough to be considered a classic, this year’s variation of a double halo makes it unique to 2017. Following are just three of the other noticeable trends in wedding jewelry this year featured by Zeghani by Simon and other fine jewelry makers that you’ll find at a diamond showcase in Longveiw, WA.

Colored Accent Stones 

Wedding jewelry trends often follow those of wedding attire, and colored accent stones offer a prime example of this. Wedding dresses in particular have been trending away from classic all-white in recent years, and this year, jewelry stones are following suit. Also the diamond still remains the star of the show on most engagement rings, accents stones such as emeralds, rubies, amethysts, and sapphires are being used to provides small pops of color.

White and Rose Gold Rings 

Both white and rose gold have usurped classic yellow gold in wedding jewelry trends this year. Rose gold is heavily featured in this year’s collection by Natalie K Diamond Rings. It provides a glowing warmth and beauty that makes a gorgeous contrast with clear, sparkling diamonds. If you like the look of contrasting metals, talk to your local jeweler, the Diamond Showcase in Longview, about rings crafted with a combination of white and rose gold — these are absolutely stunning.

Vintage Design

Victorian, Art Deco, and Elizabethan design have all had their well-deserved days in the sun as retro trends in wedding jewelry, and now it’s time for Vintage era to take its rightful place beside them. Vintage jewelry designs feature abundant lacy filigree, and sandwiched in between the Victorian and Art Deco eras (circa 1910), Vintage jewelry often features the best of both these worlds. Lots of flights of fancy and individuality in design, colored stones, and use of white gold and platinum settings are the hallmarks of Vintage jewelry.

Your best resource for wedding jewelry is your locally owned and operated jewelry retailer. Like Vintage jewelry, they’ll give you the best of both worlds — customized service designed to suit your individual needs and preferences combined with all the latest trends.

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