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The Day of the Dads is upon us. Every third Sunday in June… spouses, girlfriends, partners, companions, and kids of all ages face the same head-scratching dilemma: what does dad really want for Father’s Day? Even those gruff, macho dads who brazenly announce that Father’s Day isn’t a real holiday want something more than the old boxers and socks routine. And honestly, have you ever seen your father drink his morning coffee out of that “World’s Best Dad” mug? No, it’s sitting on his desk moonlighting as a pencil holder. Dad doesn’t want a greeting card with verse so sweet it makes his teeth ache, nor does he want anything to do with brunch. Dad wants something unique, thoughtful, and as creative as his parenting skills. Here are gift ideas for dad:

Brewery and Vineyard Tours

It’s like one of those logic equations from 10th grade math class: Dad likes beer. You like dad. Therefore you should get dad beer for Father’s Day. Or perhaps a vineyard or brewery tour is more his thing. If he fancies himself the Don Draper sort, a classic man with impeccable taste, buy him a cocktail at an upscale whisky bar.

William Henry Bracelets at the Diamond Showcase

You’ll never catch him in “dad jeans.” And thankfully he retired his shark tooth necklace the day Miami Vice was canceled. Dad is a stylish, modern guy, and a stylish guy needs stylish accessories. The William Henry jewelry collection features pieces with braided leather, braided deerskin, Kevlar, beads, and silver skulls. William Henry bracelets are hip without being hipster, and a William Henry necklace is cooler than anything Crockett and Tubbs would wear. Help dad make a statement, a rugged and respected statement – one that he’ll always associate with your Father’s day present.

William Henry Knives Collection at the Diamond Showcase

William Henry Knives

Pocket knives from William Henry are meant to last a lifetime. Their quality and standard is unheard of in the industry, meaning that you will have something special. If you’re shopping for a father’s day gift this year, check out our collection of William Henry Knives. The beautiful Gentac ‘Sundown’ features a beautiful frame in etched ‘Croc Skin’ damascus steel by Chad Nichols, inlaid with ‘zinc matrix’ apple coral. The blade is hand-forged ‘Boomerang’ damascus, also by Chad Nichols; the one-hand button lock and the thumb stud are set with spinel gemstones. An exceptional design that offers rigorous performance in a sleek, comfortable knife, the Gentac is also the perfect canvas to showcase William Henry’s range of exotic materials and techniques. The ‘Sundown’ features some of the exotic materials and forged metals that are the hallmark of William Henry’s collections; a distinctive personality statement to be worn and used for a lifetime.

“We’ll always have Paris” is the most famous line in Casablanca. When it comes to buying a gift for Father’s Day, just remember, when all else fails… we’ll always have golf balls.

Come into the Diamond Showcase in Longview, WA and ask about our William Henry bracelets today. Ask for Jordan, he’ll show you around and help you find the perfect gift.

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